About Iva

Custom Handmade Jewelry

I live in Las Vegas with my husband Sammy and our lovely kids Jasmyne and Anthony.

I was born in Bulgaria, in a small town near the Black Sea. I grew up on the beach and lived and worked there until my 33rd year of age.  Then I met my husband…. and that changed my life!

We left everything in Bulgaria and moved to USA to build our new life. Starting from zero, being pregnant with our first baby, I discovered POLIMER CLAY and the endless opportunities it provides to the creative artist.

Inspired by Artists like Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Loretta Lam and Donna Kato I made my first steps in the Jewelry world…. AND I LOVE IT!

About my Jewerly

Working with my hands, imagination and the materials is the most exciting part of the process for me. Simply put, I like making jewelry.

In my one of a kind pieces, I exercise my love of color, shapes, and forms. I’m inspired by different cultures from around the globe, nature, beauty, love, experience, memories…

I use sterling, polymer clay, glass beads, bone, and leather. Modeling clay is a group of malleable substances used in building and sculpting.

The material compositions and production processes vary considerably. The patterns in my work are made with the millefiori process. Sheets and snakes of different colors of clay are stacked, wrapped and combined to make logs or loaves of pattern, from which slices are taken and applied to a base bead. Carefully chosen accents, cords and embellishments are used to complete the work.

Seeing my unique creations being worn by women and man who are fully enjoying my art is the biggest compliment and gift for me.

Why Skydive Jewelry

The parachute container closing pin has a very special function in the skydiving parachute system. This little curved pin is what saves the skydiver’s life each and every time. It’s purpose is to keep the main parachute container closed during free fall so the skydiver can perform beautiful aerial acrobatics at speeds exceeding 120mph. Once at proper altitude the skydiver deploys a small pilot shute which is attached to the pin and it is extracted from the closing loop and the container is opened which in turn deploys the main parachute for safe landing. Due to its very important function the closing pin has become an icon among the skydivers and it is the # 1 jewelry warn by all who’s life’s depend on it. Sometimes we don’t realize that the small thing in life is what matters! The closing pin used for this hand made jewelry is 100% authentic and certified by all FAA, PIA and TSO Standards in the skydiving industry. It is stainless steel, specifically treated for the use in the skydiving harness container systems. This Necklace is 100% Handcrafted by Iva.

Each Necklace is unique! 100% Made in USA with all American made components – sterling, polymer clay, glass beads, bone, and leather.

Blue skies !

By Iva